Go Team! Ten Ways To Plan The Perfect Sports-Themed Wedding

Posted on: 10 February 2016

For a pair of sports fans getting married, it's a must-do to include their favorite sports pastime in the wedding somehow. And whether you're a rabid fan looking for an outlandish, unique way to honor your favorite team or you're a quiet fan who wants to add a fun homage, there are any number of ways to show your pride on your wedding day. Here are 10 ideas that can be incorporated into any wedding. 

  • Venue. If your favorite team is a local one, it may be possible to have some or all of the wedding at a team venue, such as a local football field or stadium. Some stadiums (such as this home of the San Diego Chargers) have conference rooms or lounge venues that can be rented out for use as wedding venues. If you can't rent the actual team venue, look for a local restaurant or pub popular with sports fans and see if you can use this great secondary option. 
  • Engagement Photos. If you can't afford to rent a stadium or other big name venue, opt for taking your engagement photos in a special place that shows your team pride. This could include local sports bars decked out in team gear, team landmarks or simply on the 50 yard line of any football field. Or how about wearing matching jerseys for your pictures? 
  • Wedding Vows. Incorporate some sports-specific vows (such as vowing to never interrupt the big game) in your nuptials for a unique touch. 
  • Ball Guest Book. If you're a football or baseball fan, skip the traditional guest book and have guests sign a few balls instead. Everyone will have fun and you'll have a much better memento. 
  • Incorporate Colors. Obviously, you can use your team's colors in your wedding decoration or bridal party outfits. If you want to be subtle, just use colored boutonnieres, garter or bow ties. If you want to go all-out, deck out the flowers and bridesmaids in team colors. If you and your spouse have opposing favorites, you could even use both teams' colors (Team Bride and Team Groom, perhaps?) to sport a little friendly rivalry. 
  • Sports Cake. A sports-themed cake doesn't have to be just something you do for the groom's cake. Work with your baker to determine how all-out you want to go with your sports-based cake. 
  • Cheerleaders in the Aisle. How about showing some colors as you leave the wedding or enter the reception? Offer guests pom-poms in your favorite colors to wave as the couples leave the ceremony space, or hand them out as guests arrive at the reception for a special entry. 
  • Fight Song. Instead of a traditional song to lead the couple away from the ceremony, why not play your team's fight song? It would make a fitting start to any sports fan's new life. 
  • Mascot. Want to really go wild with your school pride? Invite the school mascot to your reception for an appearance. 
  • Gift Tokens. Send your guests home with a little something to remind them of your personalized wedding. Sports-themed gifts can include -- depending on your sport -- cookies iced with your team's colors, monogrammed miniature balls, golf ball place cards or specialized 12th Man Towels

Planning a wedding should be an opportunity to reflect the taste and personalities of the couple involved. For dedicated sports fans, this is a moment to share something you love with the ones you love. The memories will last a lifetime. 


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