Want To Start Exercising? Why A Bike Is The Perfect Thing To Buy

Posted on: 6 June 2016

Biking is not just a way for kids to get around their neighborhood quickly. It has a huge market for adults, whether they want to use it as a way to exercise, get to work, or just enjoy the outdoors. If you want to start exercising, your options are not limited, but it is ideal to find yourself an activity that you enjoy, mainly because this alone will motivate you to continue exercising for the long run.

A bike is an excellent purchase to start an effective and reliable exercise routine.

Excellent Biking Range

Walking to work is certainly nice, but it requires you to live very close to your workplace. However, biking gives you a much improved range in regard to how far you can commute. For one individual, biking 12 miles per day was not a problem, regardless of most obstacles or weather conditions. It is easy to make an even longer trip to work, as long as you are in shape and give yourself enough time to ride there.

Great Calorie Burner

It might not be the best calorie burner out there, but it is still impressive. It can burn anywhere from 472 calories to 1,489 calories per hour, depending on your weight and activity level. As long as you eat healthy, you can get in great shape by just biking one hour per day, especially with high intensity sessions.

Better for the Body

Although running is extremely popular and could be considered cheaper than biking, as it does not require buying a bike, you should not underestimate the additional risks that come with running. Biking has been proven to be the safer exercise to do on a regular basis to keep injuries to a minimum. A low-risk activity is exactly what you want to find in an exercise routine that you want to follow for many years.

Group Up for Extra Fun

While cycling on its own can be extremely fun, you may yearn for more after a few weeks, months, or years. An easy way to spice up your cycling experience is by joining up for group rides. When cycling on your own, you only have to worry about yourself, but group riding requires a different set of rules. Group rides are great for getting exercise on days you are off work or for refueling your desire to bike.

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Planning an Active Birthday Party

Growing up, my parents always gave me a birthday party. They usually hosted friends and extended family members at their country retreat near a pond. We dined on hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips, birthday cake, and ice cream. My friends and I enjoyed swimming in the pond and running around the expansive property. If you’re planning an upcoming birthday party for your kid, consider making it an active one. Plan fun activities that will allow your kid and his or her guests to exercise and expend some energy. On this blog, you will discover the best sporting goods to buy for your child’s birthday party.