Keys To Ensuring That Your Cycling Bib Shorts Are Visible At Night

Posted on: 17 December 2019

If you're someone who frequently rides his or her bicycle at night, you want to always be concerned about your visibility. This is especially true if you occasionally ride on streets, rather than exclusively on cycling trails. If you're shopping for cycling bib shorts, it's important to keep visibility in mind. While you'll also be looking at other characteristics of the bib shorts, it's easy to argue that nothing is as important as ensuring that motorists are aware of you when they approach. Here are three keys to making your cycling bib shorts visible at night.

Choose A Bright Color

Even in dark conditions, bright colors have the ability to stand out more than dark colors. While you might like the sleek appearance of a black or gray pair of bib shorts, it's important to realize that they won't always catch the eye of a motorist as he or she approaches you from behind. Fortunately, this won't be a concern if you choose a bright color of bib shorts. Red, yellow, green, or even white can each be effective for improving how visible you are while you're out riding in conditions with poor light.

Ensure The Presence Of Reflective Patches

Many cycling bib shorts have reflective patches on them in different locations. You'll want to not only ensure that the pair you're leaning toward buying is equipped in this manner, but also that it has an adequate number of reflective areas. These patches are highly effective for making you a lot more visible to motorists. When a car headlight, a streetlight, or another source of light catches one of these reflectors, it will almost have the appearance of glowing — which is something that is difficult to miss.

Equip Your Bicycle With A Rear Light

Anyone who rides his or her bicycle at night needs to ensure that the bicycle has a front light and a rear light. The front light helps the cyclist to see where he or she is going, while the rear light makes the cyclist visible to others. Not all rear lights are created equally, however. There are some that simply project backward, while others emit light upward and out to the sides, too. This style may be especially valuable in your situation, as the light that shines upward will catch your body — and make the bright color of your bib shorts and the reflective components on the garment a lot more evident.

Consider all these as you look into cycling wear like Castelli bib shorts.


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