Equipment To Help You Practice Tennis By Yourself

Posted on: 2 December 2021

If tennis is your sport, you likely want to play as much as you can. However, when the sport depends on another person to hit the ball back at you, you might get discouraged if you can't get someone to come with you. If you want to practice tennis but don't always have someone to play with, you can purchase some tennis equipment that will allow you to practice by yourself. While it won't be the same as an actual match, you'll be able to improve your skills for the next time you're going against a live opponent. Here are some options to consider: 


Unsurprisingly, one of the most useful pieces of equipment when you're playing tennis by yourself is some kind of tool that will rebound the balls back at you. This can come in a couple of different forms. Some rebounders anchor to the ground and have a tennis ball on a long string so that it will always come back for you to hit again. Other rebounding equipment can be stretchy nets that you set up somewhere on the court. You hit the ball in there and it will get tossed right back out at you. This kind of equipment will definitely help you work on your reaction skills, even if it's not quite the same as playing with another person. 

Ball Machine

Another useful piece of tennis equipment is a machine that will spit out balls for you at a regular interval, letting you practice returning a serve or attack. This is similar to the rebounding equipment, but it doesn't require you to hit the ball first, letting you focus exclusively on returning the ball to the other side. Some machines may even alter the direction of the ball each time so it doesn't get too predictable. 

Racket Training Tools

Besides equipment to help in hitting the ball, there is equipment that can help you learn to use your racket correctly. One tool is a strap that you slip onto your wrist that connects with the racket. This will force you to keep the racket angled up in a ready position rather than letting it droop down. After some time using this, you will start doing it automatically since it will feel the most natural. Another tool for rackets is a guard that you can clip onto it that will block you from hitting the ball unless you hit it right in the center of the racket. This will help train you to make sure you hit the ball in the ideal spot, improving your overall game for when you're playing with another person again.

Ball Cart

If you're playing by yourself, you definitely don't want to forget to use a ball cart. You want one that can hold quite a few balls so that you don't have to spend more time running around the court after them than you do actually working on your swing. A cart can easily be wheeled around once you've hit a few dozen in a row. You won't have to worry about trying to handle more balls than you can even carry, which will allow you to practice more hits in a row without stopping as often. While a cart is a simple piece of equipment, it's not something you want to leave behind.

Don't let the lack of a tennis partner keep you from playing your sport! Check your local sporting goods store for some tennis training equipment and get started.


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