3 Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Basic Pistol Shooting Class

Posted on: 17 March 2022

If you want to learn how to handle handguns, then you can take a basic pistol class. These classes usually combine classroom-based training followed by time on a range.

Before you sign up for a class, ask the following questions.

1. What Is The Classroom/Range Split?

Basic pistol training should include a mix of theoretical learning and shooting practice. You'll usually spend time in a classroom learning the basics before you can go out to the range and actually use a handgun.

The theory part of your course is important. It teaches you how to use, maintain, and store guns safely. So, this part of the class should always take place before your range visit.

Ask training providers about their classroom/range split. Your theory training should last a few hours—you have a lot to cover here. You also usually need at least a couple of hours of range shooting to get real comfortable with using a handgun.

2. What Is The Instructor/Student Ratio?

If your basic pistol class has a lot of students, then you might not learn effectively. It can be hard to focus in a large class, especially if a lot of people are asking questions. Plus, you might not get the instructor help you need when you go out to the range if your instructor has to look out for a lot of people.

Look for classes with smaller instructor/student ratios. You'll be better able to concentrate on your classroom learning in a small group. The information you learn here is essential to your current and future safety when handling guns.

Ideally, you'll get even closer attention on the range. Look for classes that give you your own instructor or that have one instructor between two students. You'll feel safer and more confident if you have the full attention of a qualified instructor when you use a gun for the first time.

3. Do You Need To Bring Your Own Gun and Equipment?

Most basic pistol classes don't ask you to bring along your own gun and equipment. They usually provide everything you need, including guns, ammunition, and safety equipment on the range. Many people use these classes to learn basic gun skills and to try out different handguns before they buy a gun of their own.

However, if you already own a handgun, then check if you can bring it to your class or use it on the range. You might find it useful to use your own gun during your classroom and range training.

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